leona chen, student (UCSB)
Pet: Cat  Dog  Parrot  Rat  Tortoise  Turtle
I am a English and Art major. I have grown up with many animals in my life and I have come to love them as they were my own children. Through all my painful memories, they were there to support and comfort me. As for art, it has also enabled me to recover and grow as a person. My art is a reflection of who I am and I believe that art has defined my character in this world. My passion for animals and art has driven me to be a part of this class and I am very excited to begin the collaborations.


04/21/09 21:29:37 Lil Orphan Hammies
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  05/12/09 20:43:07 - pig beats
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05/12/09 22:05:15 Possible Art project ideas
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05/12/09 22:15:28 Other ideas
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05/20/09 16:25:46 Rat Collaboration
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