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By leona chen and

Started on: 05/12/09 22:15:28
Medium: Visual

Other ideas:

Understanding Animal Perspective projects

Topic: Dogs, cats, etc. Living as an domesticated animal
Medium: Text based, photography, video

Idea 1. Having people wear collars with leashes. Making them eat out a bowl with their mouths. Using the grass to go to the bathroom. Different types of activites will take place of one's normal day to day activities, in order to better understand the life of an domesticated animal.

Topic:Understanding the importance of conservation of habitats
Medium: Text based, photography, video

Idea 1. Remove myself from my natural habitat. Spend a few days outside, with no electricity, running water, or shelter. I will only bring a tent. Everything else such as water and food must be foraged and found. If I need to use the restroom or take a bath, I need to find some source of water. This experiment is to help me feel what an animal feels when its habitat is destroyed by humans.
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Comment by svasquez (05/18/09 19:34:37):
Will you be bringing a blanket for idea #2? :s
You are very brave! That also shows how many unnecessary "luxuries" we've become accustomed to.

Project Updates
05/19/09 10:34:37 - Update

So again, another realization is that all my project proposals do not involve actual animal interaction. Because of this, I have decided not to continue with this idea.

I was planning on bringing very warm clothes and a thick sleeping bag. But I think that this project lacks animal collaboration because I doubt I would actually see any animals during my experience.

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