Possible Art project ideas
By leona chen and

Started on: 05/12/09 22:05:15
Medium: Other

These are a couple of project ideas I brainstormed.
I was very interested in touching on different topics of interspecies collaboration.

Animal rights/cruelty projects

Topic: Animal laboratory testing
Medium: Text based, photography, video

Idea 1. Public performance of re-enacting different lab tests they do on animals except it would a role-reversal. I would be subjected to these different tests. This probably be more a performance art piece, which would show the public's reaction.

Idea 2. Putting up ads to look for people who are willing to work in my experiments. Once I receive applicants. I will attempt to perform different tests that used on laboratory animals. I will see how the applicants will react.

Topic: Wild animals being tagged by scientists for tracking purposes
Medium: Text based, photography, video

Idea 1. Collaborating with other people in the class. Asking them to put on metal bands that they put on wild birds. Except these bands will be handmade and fitted for a human proportion. These metal bands have to be worn on their ankle at all times even when they are in public. This band should be worn for at least a week. The subjects are required to record their daily outings, and the type of responses they get from the people around them.

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Project Updates
05/19/09 10:35:25 - update

Idea 1 update: I realized that this project does not involve the actual interaction of the animal and the human. So I decided I would continue any further with this idea because I want a direct contact with the animal instead of me pretending to be the animal.

Idea 2 update: I actually put up ads looking for possible applicants for my experiments. Unfortunately, no one replied. So as the same situation with idea 1, I am also going to move on.

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