Masha Lifshin
Pet: Cat

04/24/09 14:33:26 Lauren - Raven

04/30/09 02:04:40 Pot-Bellied Pig

05/12/09 03:22:26 Sedgwick Preserve Project Set

05/12/09 11:21:38 Spatial practices with Mixture
  05/12/09 11:45:07 - Materials of collaboration
  06/08/09 02:47:42 - 18 May 2009: Scratching play post construction
  06/08/09 04:08:24 - 22 May - 4 Jun, 2009: Bed traces
  06/08/09 04:25:37 - 28 May 2009: 'Kou Ack Ack' Interspecies Collaborat

California Ground Squirrel, Spermophilus beecheyi: Preliminary Research

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