Santa Cruz Lizard Platform
By Ashley Dawkins-Garcia and Lizard(s)

Started on: 04/22/09 17:01:30
Medium: Sculptural

I was inspired by a few lizards that would rest and sun bath on my car cover that covers my roommate's bike out in our parking lot. So I thought of making my own platform using natural material such as wood and rocks.
When I went to Santa Cruz Is. I saw these two lizards that would hang out in the wood pile and come out daily. So I created a small platform made out of wood and rocks by their wood pile and in sun so the lizards could lay on the platform and sun bath to warm up their bodies. I also had a stick that acted as a bridge to a flat piece of wood they would sit on to my platform.
So far only one lizard went down the bridge, sat on my platform then ran over to me and just sat there looking at me. I don't know if he/she was curious about me or was just trying to scare me off from his/her home.

For this creation, I just watched quietly and see what the lizards preferred and needed.

On the stick

Lizard coming off the platform and towards me.

The other lizard on the stick.

The platform made of flat wood, rocks underneath with stick as the bridge.

One of the lizards

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