Movies: Interspecies Relationships
Grizzly Man
Werner Hertzog
Related animals: Grizzly Bear, Human

Hertzog's subjective representation of Tim Treadwell who was working on a film about his relationship and work with grizzly bears in Alaska when he got killed by one of the bears. At first it's enjoyable but when one realizes Hertzogs hate towards Treadwell and everything he represents it gets annoying. Hertzog then seem just like the lead defender of the culture/nature split of western culture, not adding anything new to any discussion. It's more interesting to look at "craziness" and ask what is revealed in it, than to say that craziness is crazy (and should be punished!).

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Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Judy Irving
Related animal: Bird

A squatter/musician in SF tells his tales of friendship with a flock of wild parrots. He describes the real 'personalities' of each member of the flock and how the birds give his life meaning and direction.

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Dolphins in the Wild
Related animal: Dolphin

This movie, hosted by Robin Williams, is a comic and informative documentary about dolphins in the wild. Dolphins are incredibly curious and social animals, so communication with them in the wild occurs more frequently than it would with other wild animals. Each dolphin has a strong sense of its own individuality and its relationships with other dolphins. They have highly sophisticated communication amongst themselves. We've learned to communicate with them as well; they can understand over 2000 sentences. When we study them in captivity, they come to the observation window and appear to study us as well. Dolphins have a larger brain to body mass ratio than humans, and I believe that they are much more intelligent than humans.

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Movies: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
A Boy and his Dog
LQ Jones (director)

a science fiction movie that centers around Vick, a young man, and Blood, a telepathic dog with the unique power of locating women in a post-nuclear-holocaust world. while the film is grounded entirely out of reality, the symbiotic relationship between boy and dog is relevant in the study of interspecies relationships and collaborations. other issues of species hierarchy and friendship are brought up as Vick recieves a rare invitation to join a pristine, idealistic society where dogs are not welcome.

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Movies: Interspecies Communication
Orca Communication
Related animal: Orca
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Movies: Animal Communication
Animal Odd Couples

PBS had this great film about strange animal relationships. It's great to watch them interact versus just seeing photos.

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Movies: Speciesism and Animal Rights
Speciesism: the Movie

This a film about speciesism. Here is also a link that defines speciesism pretty well:

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Movies: Art Made for Non-Human Animals
The Story of the Weeping Camel
Related animal: Camel

For a more uplifting documentary than "Saving Luna" please consider "The Story of the Weeping Camel". It is a beautifully shot documentary recording a family out in the plains of Mongolia. A mother camel goes in protracted labor, eventually birthing a white camel baby. However, she refuses to nurse the baby. The family tries many ways to make the mother feed the baby, but she seems to want nothing to do with it. Eventually the family calls upon a musician to perform a special ritual. He plays on his instrument while a woman sings. The begins to weep, then finally allows the baby to feed. It sounds strange and far-fetched, but it is an amazing and beautiful film. I have seen it four times and would not mind at all to see it again.

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