Nichole van Beek, grad student (art/ucsb)
I grew up in a family of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, a gunea pig, mice, lizards, frogs, and fish but have been without sustained friendship with anyone from another species for the last 12 years. I'm wondering if any non-pets are interested in hanging out with me.


04/23/06 23:28:11 By the spermophilus beecheyi
  05/02/06 10:04:43 - SMOCA: Spermophilus Museum of Contemporary Art
  05/04/06 16:28:14 - Brokeback Bluff
  05/16/06 19:21:33 - New Ynez
  06/12/06 23:55:02 - compost and composure

06/06/06 14:12:59 Mobile homes

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