Shanti Harris, Student (UCSB Art major)
The collaboration between humans and animals has promising potential to trigger an understanding between species. The visual arts can serve as a method to develop collaborative relationships further and enhance/expose both our ability and the animal''s ability to experience communication on an intuitive level.
As I grew up in the mountains in Hawaii, I experienced a variety of animal species, such as wild boar, dolphins, birds, insects, etc. and developed a deep connection to wildlife. My passion for nature and art is what attracted me to interspecies collaboration.


04/22/09 21:42:31 Communicating With Lizards

06/04/09 01:51:38 Follow the Leader with a Butterfly
  06/04/09 01:58:54 - Project Photos

06/08/09 21:53:06 Saxophone Kitties

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Follow the Leader with a Butterfly

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Follow the Leader with a Butterfly

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