Communicating With Lizards
By Shanti Harris and Lizard(s)

Started on: 04/22/09 21:42:31
Medium: Other

The first day on Santa Cruz Island I had some close encounters with a few lizards. I found them in a pile of fire wood and wondered if I could receive any kind of response from the lizards if I spoke to them. They revealed themselves for a few minutes as I approached their living quarters. I talked to them as if they were human beings. I was acknowledged with a few head-bobs and some back and forth lizard movements (I assume they were very much aware of my presence).

After a couple minutes of my speaking to the lizards they scurried away. I knelt down closer to the wood pile and spoke to them again. One of the lizards suddenly reappeared, moved around a bit, then became still. It was as if this lizard fell into a trance as I spoke and made eye-contact with the four-legged reptile. I sensed a certain amount of communication with these creatures as a result of my movements, their movements and the sound of my voice.
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