Megan Mueller, Artist (Department of Art)
Pet: Cat
I am an animal enthusiast. The years prior to attending graduate school, I made my living as a dog walker and pet sitter. I have taken care of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, fish, and rabbits. As a result I met many animals and spent a large amount of time outdoors. I watched a lot of dogs smell grass, picked up a lot of dog poop, and cleaned a lot of litter boxes. I broke up a few dog fights and learned CPR for dogs and cats. I have a tremendous amount of respect for instinct, intuition, and animal's connection to their environments.

Currently, there is a cat named Trout who lives in my apartment and I feed her.


05/05/14 08:41:39 Do animals have a sense of humor?

06/09/14 13:01:26 Final Project

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