Do animals have a sense of humor?
By Megan Mueller and Goat(s)

Started on: 05/05/14 08:41:39
Medium: Visual

For my project I am focusing on the question do animals have a sense of humor. It appears this can be broken down into two categories: tickle/rough housing enjoyment and a more cognitive joke orientated enjoyment.

From Wikipedia:
"Numerous species demonstrate vocalizations similar to human laughter. A significant proportion of these are mammals, including non-human primates, which suggests that the neurological functions involved in expressing cheer occurred early in the process of mammalian evolution."

Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans have been known to emit vocalizations similar to human laughter. Rats emits a high frequency vocalization when being played with or tickled. A dog laugh is similar to a dog pant:

Phil Ridge, zoo keeper, explains tickling Emma the gorilla can result in laughter:

Rats laugh when tickled:

Working with the goats at the Coal Oil Point Reserve, I will read them Rodney Dangerfield one liners and see if they laugh.

More on goats: Goats are thought of to be extremely intelligent and curious. They are inquisitive, usually exploring the world with their mouths. They have a strong sense of balance, great memory, and learn quickly.

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