Lillian Shanahan, student (art)
I am an animal, trying to communicate with other animals


04/14/10 12:00:24 Bird Beats

04/14/10 16:03:32 bird beat fail

04/21/10 15:28:27 Cat Drawings

05/21/10 14:03:34 cats

06/07/10 09:23:02 Cats/ Dolpins

Other: Speciesism and Animal Rights
all creaturs. org

How To: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
cats in laps

Other: History/Philosophy - Relationship Human/Non-Human
Fear of the Familiar

Reflection: Other Related Research
Grizzly man

Reflection: Animal Communication
Island trip

Other: Animal Communication
Lil' Orphan Hammies

Reflection: Animal Play Behavior
the lonely cat

Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
The man who talked to whales

Reflection: Animal Communication
Trying to communicate with a cat

Art: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
cats in laps By lily
cats in laps
cats 3
cats 4
cats 5
cats 6
catopia 1
catopia 2
catopia 3