Bird Beats
By Lillian Shanahan and Bird(s)

Started on: 04/14/10 12:00:24
Medium: Music

I want to make a song using bird sounds and my own. I'm not sure yet but I have been thinking of also using other animals besides birds, like dogs cats pigs.

I also dont know whether it will be a collaboration if i just record and then add my own sounds or if i need to make the beat while I am out there and try to get the bird to stay as long as possible with me and then edit later. the former of the two seems considerably easier.

But it also doesnt seem like collaborting if i am just stealing their songs, maybe if I got them to hang out with me and then recorded their sounds ... bc it would seem as though they wanted to be there and consented to be recorded.
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Comment by mreeves (04/14/10 15:36:28):
I wouldn't think of appropriating bird songs as stealing them. It is a creative commons license that nature holds to. To be one with the universe is to be one in the artistic process!