By Lillian Shanahan and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/21/10 14:03:34
Medium: Visual

I am still doing Cat drawings. I really want to do one with two cats that I know.
both of them are very similar is size/color but very different personalities. both of them are house cats and do not go outside.

One of the cats is neutered and one is not.

The one that is neutered is much more docile, while the other has a stronger personality and many more mood swings.

Often when I draw people these certain characteristics will show through, I am wondering if I can do it with these two cats- and not tell anyone which is which and see if they can guess the fiesty one from the calmer one.

I am also banking on that the cats will sit still for a while in order to draw the, I'm gonna let them choose the pose and hopefully they are willing to keep it for me

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