Mariekris Irao
I am interested in interspecies collaboration because I have a strong appreciation for animals. I lived with a numerous amount of pets over the years, including 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parakeets, and several fish. I've interacted with each animal in different ways depending on the kind of animal and what age I was when they were introduced to the family. This relationship humans have with other animals is interesting to me because if we were to remove ourselves from our perception of what normal human activity is, then we might be able to understand this relationship as something other than human to animal, but animal to animal, or species to species.


05/05/14 11:54:49 Local Excursion: Goats & Bees Galore

05/19/14 12:39:51 Rat & Fish
  05/19/14 13:09:59 - baker response