Local Excursion: Goats & Bees Galore
By Mariekris Irao, Bee(s) and Goat(s)

Started on: 05/05/14 11:54:49
Medium: Visual

The local excursion was an interesting experience. When it came to my list of appealing or favorite animals, bees and goats were no where near the top. After our excursion, they've moved up a couple ranks. I thought goats were just common, smelly, farm animals. I would see goats at fairs and sometimes feed them, but during those visits I would always have my nose covered up. I wouldn't pet them because I didn't want to get my hands dirty and they would step all over their poop. After visiting the goats during our excursion I have a new fondness for them and an understanding of their kind nature. Goats are friendly and fun-loving. I also would have never considered goats to be intelligent creatures, but after interacting with them I realize they are more aware than I initially guessed. I went to visit a handful of young goats on my own and their reaction to me was adorable. They all perked up and gave all of their attention to me. Pressing their heads against the fence trying to put their face to mine. What really interested me was the reaction from the neighboring fence. I turned around and noticed two older female goats and a male goat. They were very still, just watching me. The females were pressed against the fence, still, and as close as they could to me. And the male was a little further back, but just as intently staring and pooping. I was a little offended I admit, because as soon as he got my attention the male started pooping, I don't know if that was some kind of warning or he just really needed to go right then and there.

Bees on the other hand have always scared me. I have never been stung by one so thinking about going through an unknown painful experience is frightening. And thinking about going to a bee sanctuary without any protection is horrifying. However, I actually built up the courage and did what I never thought I would ever do; I bent down on the ground and looked up into the hive, and it was fascinating. I realized bees won't mindlessly attack you. They really have no reason to sting you unless you get in the way. They just flew past me, trying to enter their honey comb home to drop off some honey.

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