Rat & Fish
By Mariekris Irao, Fish(s) and Rat(s)

Started on: 05/19/14 12:39:51
Medium: Performance

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Project Updates
05/19/14 13:09:59 - baker response

The Baker chapter was very interesting for me because it made me think of different perceptions concerning animal art. I thought it was good of Baker to criticize the rat and goldfish performances while also taking into account the artist response. If didn't here the artist response in the reading then I would have thought them to simply be clinically insane. I see that they have some sort of angle, even if it is not morally ethical. I liked that WendyWheeler characterized creativity as "a state of prepared receptivity," rather than simply integrating animals to the human condition, we are observant and see the truth of their behaviors.

rat response:
- people were horrified
- no one did anything to stop it
- related to his vietnam experience

helena response:
- audience was involved, chose to blend fish

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