Sinead Kennedy, Student (College Of Creative Studies, Biology)
Pet: Dog
I have just returned from living in South Africa for 3 months, where I studied Great White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals, and Bottlenose Dolphins. I had the most amazing time of my life and felt that I connected with the sea and the animals of the sea on a whole new level. I have done a lot of different work with animals, but it was my time in South Africa that allowed me to connect with unusual animals and have this wordless understanding with the sea that I would have never known even existed.
I love the idea of this class and the way we will be viewing animals, and can't wait to do some of the many project ideas I already have!


05/04/09 21:15:21 Channel Islands

05/05/09 06:11:52 Coyote

05/18/09 23:08:56 Shelby

06/04/09 02:24:47 South Africa

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Being a Mermaid

South Africa