Art Show
By Sinead Kennedy and

Started on: 06/07/09 20:38:04
Medium: Visual

I had a blast creating this project, but when it came to creating an ambiance that would express my connection with the marine life, I found it difficult. However, as I was setting up, the artistic environment and actually feeling out the space inspired me. The smell and feel of the sea weed and drift wood was perfect along with the underwater bubbling of the ocean. One could also walk between the projector and wall and look one way to see the ocean videos on the laptop or look the other way to see it projected in the wall. The project turned out better than I had expected and I hope people could feel the energy of the marine life.

An excerpt from "yellow Submarine" by the Beatles:

So we sailed on to the sun
Till we found a sea of green
And we lived beneath the waves...

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