South Africa
By Sinead Kennedy and

Started on: 06/04/09 02:24:47
Medium: Conceptual

I started my time in South Africa feeling as if this was my time to conquer the sea. I quickly learned that is was not an okay approach to take towards the ocean. It is angry when it wants to be, and then exceptionally calm the next minute. It allows you onto it's surface only on certain days, and when it does, you feel like you're on thin ice with this angry thing.

However, a month into it, and having spent countless hours out as sea, I began to feel completely different towards the ocean. It became this energy, this being, that acted as it pleased. No, actually, it wasn't angry, it just wasn't expected to be perfect for you. The ocean wasn't there for our boats, it was there, harboring this magical marine layer of mysterious life.
The ocean can feel very mystical. The animals within are almost fairy tale, until you get in and join them. To truly feel a part of this life, however, I think one has to earn it. It takes awhile to get a true understanding of the ocean and it's creatures. But once you're in, it's amazing. Some animals are curious, and some just seem not to care. It is the ones who don't really even notice your presence that make me feel the most at home. They don't even notice, as it feels just right to be in the ocean alongside them.

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