Kyle Leighton
I am interested in the possibility of gaining connections to other species, which would allow us to interact with, if not communicate with, other species in a more profound way. New technologies that are aiding us in this communication fascinate me with how they illuminate the similarities that all species have. I feel as though these similarities will eventually lead to the world becoming a much more interconnected, peaceful place.
Although I currently do not have any pets, I have had many throughout my life, and have experienced various connections with them that I would consider somewhat 'collaborative'. I have had a bird, snake, cat, rat, and dog at some points in my past. It was interesting seeing how each species interacted differently, and much more interesting seeing how each species interacted with me in different ways—some were more playful, some reserved, and some seemingly emotionally attached. I would have to say that my relationship with my dog was stronger than the other pets—a common case with dogs.
My dog was very energetic and playful, yet also a scared of the outside world. Any unknown dogs to him would make him upset, and unknown people would make him scared, in return making the person uncomfortable—as he was a very large dog. However, when I would play with him, I felt a very natural relationship building, although we remained different species. Although I had other pets previously, I never developed a relationship with a pet like that, and it was interesting for me to experience such a thing.


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