Animal Communication Response-Kyle
By Kyle Leighton and Turtle(s)

Started on: 04/27/14 23:43:38
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A friends turtle recently gave birth to a nest of baby turtles and I was lucky enough to interact with one. While thinking what I had learned from the animal communication workshop, I chose to visualize myself as the baby turtle. So I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and visualized as if I was seeing through the turtles eyes. It took a few tries for it to really work, but once it did, I could clearly see out through the glass bowl that the turtle was kept in. I began to realize how large our world must seem to such a small creature, and immediately I gained a sort of insight of the world that the turtle and I share. I imagined my little turtle feet and my round shell, while I felt the water against my hard skin. This helped me to visualize and learn how a baby turtle would feel in its surroundings. Although I am not sure how this acts on a level of communication, I can say that I do feel more connected to the animal.

The Animal Communication Workshop was very interesting as I definitely have not experienced anything like it before. The part I felt most fascinating was being able to live in the present, without being distracted by the past or the future. Also, I enjoyed the tree exercise as a level of meditation. I could feel the energy from the tree pass through me as I laid my back against it. I would definitely use the exercises again that I learned in this workshop.

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