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Dolphin book ch 5 & 6
By Tanasa Slovin (06/02/10 09:25:47)
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These chapters were very interesting and it was quite a treat to actually be able to meet and spend time with the co-author Toni! There are many aspects that stood out for me while reading about the dolphins. First of all, I found it quite humorous and true in regards to the “assimilation tendency” theory. The part that I found humorous was when Heidi Hediger describes the “assimilation tendency” as “a characteristic of men as well as animals… to regard animals of different species… as if they belonged to the same species” (p. 124). Also, it was really interesting when they discussed the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and how the dolphins react to such things like natural disasters. Of course when I hear about incidents such as a tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, my mind does not immediately go to "Oh I hope the dolphins and sea animals are okay". Of course my initial reaction is whether or not us (humans) are okay and safe. I never really thought about sea creatures and how something like this would effect them and be harmful to them. Researchers were observing the dolphins right after Hurricane Andrew and found that, "the dolphins wanted nothing to do with us: resting, foraging, and "regrouping" after the storm seemed their priority" (p. 127). Toni explains that while observing the same foursome of dolphins, a couple days after the aftermath and resting from the hurricane, the dolphins (one in particular named Venus) changed roles dramatically. The ecotourist, Jennifer was able to experience a remarkable interaction with the dolphin, Venus. This interaction with Venus did not only involve exchanging mental energy, however physical energy as well! This is so exciting to me! I cannot imagine what that experience must have felt like. The chapter goes on to tell the audience how Jennifer and Venus began to make circles around each other which eventually grew tighter and the two were actually body to body! Jennifer was extremely enthused about the interaction and felt that Venus left the collaboration feeling the same enthusiasm and energy as she! What an experience. After reading these chapters, it has really opened my eye and mind to a whole other world: the dolphin world.

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