Tanasa Slovin, student
I've always been an animal lover. I think we as humans can learn a lot from animals. Such as how they behave and love one another. I have had 3 dogs in my life and one bunny. I currently have one dog at home in San Diego named Bradley Baxter. We rescued him from the pound, he is some type of terrier mix however we are unsure. When I left for college I said bye to my best friends, mom and brother without crying & then when I got to saying bye to Bradley I started to cry. The bond between a human and their pet is remarkably honest and irreplaceable.


04/19/10 15:56:25 Singing Terrier

04/22/10 00:51:09 Ideas!

06/01/10 12:08:25 baby skunks!

06/03/10 11:27:39 A VIsual Reference to the Sounds of Bradley Baxter III

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Art: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
A VIsual Reference to the Sounds of Bradley Baxter III
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