By Tanasa Slovin and Dog(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 00:51:09
Medium: Visual

I have a lot of different thoughts when it comes to project ideas. The first one comes from when I was about 12 and my dog, an American Eskimo named Mishka passed away. I remember playing in the backyard a few days after he passed away, and noticing his footprints were still imprinted in the soil. I thought to myself that it would be a neat idea to save those footprints by perhaps making a cast of it. This lead me to think of other footprints I have notices from animals, and how often I am distracted by human footprints on the sand while running on the beach. I wonder if other animals use footprints as a way of chasing down their prey. It would be an interesting experiment to observe different animals and see if they take notice upon the footprints of other creatures imprinted in the sand.
Since we are going to the Lil Orphan Hammies tomorrow, I have been brainstorming on different ways to create art with these pot bellied pigs. When I think of a pig, I think of Babe. Or I think of the giant pigs in the movie Son-In-Law with Paulie Shore. These pigs are massive and they are crazy! I think it would be really interesting to put a small camera on top of a pig and video tape exactly how they move, eat, sleep, etc. The cons to this would be that the camera would get rather dirty, or it could make the audience motion sickness, but it would be an interesting video to see!
Another idea I had involves Skype. I recently was studying abroad in Rome for four months and would skype with my mom every weekend. She would then put our dog on the screen, and no matter how loud I was to get his attention, he could not see me. I wonder what would happen if we put two dogs on different computers and then see if they can see each other while using skype. Maybe they could bark at each other from across the world!
In an earlier post, I had previously mentioned recording my dog doing his typical “whimpery-type” singing noises. It is really interesting to see how Bradley responds to the sound of my voice trying to imitate him. It all began when I would have to pack up my things and leave to go back to school (UCSB). I’d come home for a weekend and play with him 24/7. Then when I had to say goodbye, he would start to whimper and act very loving but sad. I then would put my face right next to his and imitated the noises that he would make. His wimperings became more apparent and lively the more I participated in communicated towards them. It is very interesting feeling a sense of communication with my dog, based on sad whimpering noises. After a while, we would use this form of communicating and in a way it felt as though we were exchanging puppylove towards one another. My mom will bring Bradley up to Santa Barbara this weekend, so I am very excited to work with him and collaborate to make art! I plan on video taping Bradley and I whimpering towards each other.

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