Week 8-9: Duck project
By Jennifer Lee Lin, Mark Linggi and Ducks (Mallard)(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 09:38:20
Medium: Visual

We have spent much time trying to figure out how to make an art project with animals that want nothing to do with us!

We have instead resorted to studying them from a distance comfortable to them. We have discovered behaviors that relate to the distance we keep from them. the order of movements the male makes are this ( as we get closer and closer)

All while keeping an eye on us...as we get closer he begins to...

1. Quacks: not very loud, but is nasally and fast
2. Flaps and raises his wings : i believe to appear big and strong to frighten predators away
3. Gets up on his feet, the female usually follows him
4. Escapes into a patch of high grass

We have found that if you walk by them you can be relatively close and they will not be scared. the key? Do NOT stare at them. they are aware of eye contact...

disappearing into somewhere safe


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