Sketch Project
By Matthew Roy Reeves and

Started on: 06/06/10 14:36:58
Medium: Visual

During the two and-a-half month Interspecies Collaboration project, I have compiled a series of sketches that document the progression of the class. Most of the significant events are captured in one or two sketches.

I believe the endeavor was academic so to better document an academic art project. Fight fire with fire...or rather, collaborate species with species!

Lisa Jevbratt visited my senior show, and received a sketch.

Postmodern Deconstruction of Bears is Strictly Prohibited

I gather sand in the new and improved living environment for Hermes, the Destijl Mobile.

Barbara Janelle has the class meditate with a tree. I went to a tree stump, which I sketched the year before after it was freshly cut down.

Visualized fly mapping challenge of 3-Dimensional space

I deliver the whale drawing to Jim Nollman after his conference in McCune Hall on 9 April 2010. I am always honored to meet authors, people so dedicated to an idea that they actually buckle down and publish it.

Jim Nollman collaborating with a humpback whale. He doubts his sincerity in the endeavor, like any human would.

Taking Hermes on a walk through Isla Vista.

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Comment by jess0hhh (06/09/10 12:07:50):
Cool sketches! Here's that picture of you that I took that I really liked..

Take care!