Week 5 (Parrot Sanctuary and Project idea: ducks)
By Jennifer Lee Lin, Travis Jepson, Ducks (Mallard)(s) and Parrot(s)

Started on: 05/24/10 08:10:41
Medium: Visual

I visited Phoebe's home with Travis so I could have a chance to interact with the parrots. It was quite an experience. She had a small sun room with 5-6 parrots in them, but in her beautiful backyard she had many big cages with dozens of parrots. The macaws were somewhat scary since I didn't realize how big they were, or how loud!

I formed a small bond with a red and purple parrot who was very quiet. She allowed me to hold her on my arm, but she made absolutely no noise. I spent about 45 minutes just sitting on table with her sitting on my arm. I felt that she might have been nervous, so I blew on her feathers (Phoebe had told me that the parrots loved hair dryers) and stroked her very gently.

I then played with Perseloo, a beautiful green parrot from New Zealand. She was very noisy and flashy, and loved to make sounds. If I said hi or hello to her she would twist her head and crow, and then say hello back to me! Phoebe's husband told me Perseloo knew how to say hello 27 different ways, I think I experienced about 6 of them. I spent a long time just standing by her cage and talking to her. Whenever i left she would keep crawling along the cage to follow me, so it was very hard for me to leave. this experience made me think of the pet parakeets I had when i was younger, and that I still miss them. Perseloo was much more active, and adored attention, she loved pictures, and getting air and water sprayed/blown on to her.

the ducks! on a lawn in a house on 67 block trigo. I do not know if these are the same ducks i have seen around campus and anisquoyo park :/

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perseloo talking!

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Love how the color came out in the bottom right pic!