Travis Jepson, UCSB Student/Animator (Art)
Pet: Cat  Dog  Frogs  Hamster  Hermit Crab  Kitten  Rabbit
I have had lots of pets over the years and feel like I have had a good connection with all animals I spend time with. I feel it is important to try and create a fun environment for animals and believe that human interaction with animals is extremely beneficial. I hope I will learn new things this quarter and can't wait to get outdoors. I am especially looking foreword to the Santa Cruz Island trip to get meet animals that have had minimal contact with humans.


04/20/10 15:26:16 Working with SBAA
  04/22/10 00:07:56 - Cage Expansion Ideas...

04/21/10 00:34:27 Santa Barbara Bird Farm Collaboration: Day 1
  04/22/10 00:12:52 - Potential Collaboration Ideas...

05/04/10 17:18:59 Santa Barbara Bird Farm Collaboration: Day 2-3
  05/04/10 18:06:11 - The Video WORKS!!

06/08/10 00:13:10 Final Reflection: SBBF Collaboration with Nikki
  06/08/10 01:27:41 - Nikki Video Compolation

Reflection: Animal Communication
Animal Communicator

Bear Impressions: Grizzly Man

Reflection: Other Related Research
Lil' Orphan Hammies

Story: Other Related Research
Lost Mole!

Other: Animal Communication
Reading #1. Jim Nolman

Other: Interspecies Relationships
Reading #2. Postmodern Animal Arts

Reflection: Other Related Research
Santa Cruz Island Expierence