Santa Barbara Bird Farm Collaboration: Day 2-3
By Travis Jepson, Macaw(s), Parrot(s) and Parrotlet(s)

Started on: 05/04/10 17:18:59
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I was very excited for my second visit to the SBBF. The first time was so overwhelming in a sense of so much information to take in. All the various parrots and just the mannerisms they displayed made it a novel experience for me. My second time back I felt much more confident. I also had a much more clear idea in mind for what I wanted to accomplish.

The second time I really wanted to focus on Nikki, since she was so active. It was not just that Nikki seemed willing to collaborate, but that Nikki could not be influenced by food. Also, in a sense Nikki was the most independent parrot at the SBBF. She is so unique and loves attention, this attention comes from interaction. This is not controlled by a human touching her as you would a dog, but by playing with her.

I am hoping to attach a video in order to more clearly illustrate what my collaboration was with Nikki. I first noticed that Nikki loves to throw objects big and small off high places. I believe Nikki likes to hear the sound different objects make when they impact on the ground, or just likes the noise in general. I wanted to make a fun situation for Nikki and allow her to pick up various objects and slam them around, eventually dropping them how she saw fit.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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This is my first major project, I still have 2.5 hours of footage to go through but hopefully you enjoy!!

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Comment by dreachase (05/12/10 14:34:39):
Those bird's really are beautiful. They have such depth in their eyes! Great footage Travis

Comment by alliharrod (05/12/10 11:23:56):
I love seeing the parrots in color this time! you got some great footage!! I think that you have good project idears

Project Updates
05/04/10 18:06:11 - The Video WORKS!!

Video is up and working great!! Hope to do more editing soon.

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