Veronica Kittle, vet tech
Pet: Cockateil  Dog
I plan on interacting with other species for my career. A good portion of my life was spent preparing to go to veterinary school after college. I hoped that as a veterinarian I would be able to work with all kinds of animals that I would have otherwise not had access to. Going into college, I chose to become a biology major to better prepare myself for veterinary school, and this June I will be graduating with a B.S. in biology. I now consider that to have been a waste of both money and time, as I found that I actually have a greater interest in art than in science. My love for animals has been unchanging, but my plans to become a veterinarian have pretty much ended. I am interested in interspecies collaboration because it combines two of my interests: animals and art. I hope that through this class I will explore the different ways in which I can interact with animals, and maybe we (me and an animal) will make some cool art along the way.

My experience with animals began with a household full of pets growing up. I have had birds, dogs, cats, turtles, fish, and even hermit crabs. Here in Santa Barbara, I have my own little cockatiel who likes to whistle the Imperial March from Star Wars. Throughout high school and college, I have volunteered and interned at a few shelters, animal hospitals, and wildlife sanctuaries. I currently work as a vet tech at La Concepcion Animal hospital where I assist veterinarians. I have learned a lot through my work there on how to better care for dogs and cats. I have also learned a lot about different medical conditions and ways to treat them. One of my favorite experiences with an animal was when I first got my little shih tzu puppy, named Chewie, about eight years ago. I spent an entire summer training him, and I loved every part of it. Animal training is something I would be very interested in pursuing.


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