Poca's favorite toys
By Veronica Kittle and Bird(s)

Started on: 05/06/13 13:21:47
Medium: Visual

Here are some pictures of my birds favorite toys.

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Project Updates
05/10/13 19:17:51 - Project idea

I have been brainstorming project ideas to do with my bird, Poca. Shown above are some of her favorite toys. Her sock has been her constant companion for about 2 yrs now. Her attachment to the sock began one day when I noticed her following my feet around when I was walking with those socks on. When I lied down on the couch, she would find her way to my feet and perch on the socks. When I finally took on my socks, she flew down to them to sit with them. I have lost one of the socks, so now she only plays with one. When she's in her cage, I leave the sock dangling in there for her to play with. Her newest game which she came up with two days ago is to climb the sock and from there play with her bell. I will be posting some more pictures of her other favorite toys. She loves all three of her bells, and also has a very strong attachment to hangers. Whenever I hang clothes up she chirps incessantly to be with them. When I take showers (she likes to take showers with me at the same time) I have to bring in a hanger and her sock. Another item I've noticed she is attracted to is my mascara. I think it could maybe be due to the fact that it is colorful, or maybe she just likes the tube shape. In another picture above, she is playing with one of my shoes. She likes to chew on the laces as well as poke her head inside the shoe. For one of my project ideas, I thought to create a large play area with several different random items, maybe different types of hangers and socks along with some other items and put her in to see what she does. I will try to incorporate some items that makes noises, since she seems to enjoy the noises of her bells so much. I will probably also add some colorful objects, since she seems to be drawn to those as well. Who knows, maybe she will find some new toys. Poca has a very active lifestyle, constantly making up new games for herself, and exploring her surroundings. In one of the pictures above, she is shown exploring a little "cave" made from a blanket. She loves finding small enclosed areas to fit herself into. In my project, I will likely include some cave-like structures for her to check out. Poca's other favorite thing to do is to chew on pretty much anything. Some of her favorite treats are crunchy foods like the flakes from Special K cereal, carrots, or even paper. For my project I will include different textures of things for her to chew on. I will have to do some research to find out what materials are safe for her to chew on. In class I presented this idea and it was mentioned that I could use unbleached paper. Sounds like something I'll have to get!

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