Stephanie Vasquez, Medical Service Coordinator (Sansum Clinic)
I have always been interested in animals since childhood. My life goal is to someday visit a rainforest. I took an Animal Biology class at SBCC (I am an art major but also pre-med) where we also took many field trips. Although I have no pets now, I used to own a rose-haired tarantula. I love spiders! I miss my tarantula and I'm thinking about getting a new one.


05/10/09 16:45:29 Spider Webss
  05/10/09 16:48:56 - Post Jesusita Fire and Spider Webs
  05/22/09 21:02:33 - Web Clean Up
  05/22/09 21:10:39 - Web Binding

05/10/09 17:26:47 Rabbit Algorithm

05/18/09 19:10:13 Exercising with Chubbo
  06/08/09 18:38:30 - Kou Ack Ack Ack Final Exhibition
  06/08/09 18:51:35 - On the Run (Artist Statement)

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