Rabbit Algorithm
By Stephanie Vasquez and Rabbit(s)

Started on: 05/10/09 17:26:47
Medium: Visual

Another project I was considering is working with the Rabbits that live by the Ellwood Monarch Reserve. I was thinking about something Lisa said when we came back from the Island. She said, "try not to make the animal do something. Instead, let it make YOU do something." So I thought about making some instructions that could be followed with just about any animal. If the animal does this, then you do that, etc. I was considering having this be instructions for a drawing. If the animal approaches you, use a certain color or tool, if it stays still, use another color. Unfortunately, I came upon a few stumbling blocks with this project as well.

1) Again, like the Spider Web project, is the animal participating enough, or is it just MY art project? Can anyone think of any way to make the animal participate more, or does anyone think this is enough participation? Ideas, comments?

2) I went to the Monarch Reserve today, and I only saw 2 rabbits. Unfortunately, instead of approaching me, both of them ran away immediately. I sat down, just like I did at the Island, very still (read a book) for a full hour, but wasn't lucky enough to have any other rabbits approach me or even come near me. It was very discouraging, and I read that rabbits are very timid, so I may have to try working with a different animal.

Nice big space for Rabbits to roam... and HIDE.

Does anyone know what this foamy liquid hanging off the leaves is?

Lady Bugs

One rabbit ran off in this direction. I slowly followed it but it was gone for good.

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Comment by mlifshin (05/11/09 22:47:41):
Hmm. Yeah rabbits always run away from me, too, unless I am zooming by them on the bike path, and I think that's 'cause they are more comfortable with that kind of traffic going by. I don't think people on bikes notice them very much. But anyway from my experience with the bike path bunnies I suggest going out at twilight/dusk (or dawn) as there is more of them out around then. As for the questions, those are tough. Try to hide from the rabbits? Heh heh!