Raymond Douglas, Maker person
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Having profoundly close relationships with animals and various pets is of utmost importance and essential to my satisfaction with life. I receive so much happiness from my interactions with creatures that I encounter due to the presence of a strictly emotional exchange of information. Knowledge and wit don’t become factors in the chemistry between these two entities because it is not crucial to a healthy, cross-species relationship. So, the pressure is off. Simple affection and kindness support all interactions but it’s honesty that really becomes the foundation for any interspecies connection. A fair and balanced exchange of truth is all that is needed. This level of authenticity is often hard to represent in a world of naturally judgmental and selfish human beings. But, with species such as dogs or cats, a reprieve is available to all who will simply reciprocate.

Black, relatively skinny, hints of gray, and nearly excessive loyalty. BJ (not an acronym) was my closest childhood ally. With no intentions except to love (and to steal the occasional chicken nugget from my happy meal) she was a member of my life that I sometimes took for granted. Annually, when we were all young, my brother, BJ, and I would take center stage for the family’s Christmas card. She was immensely important to all of us, but in my earliest memories I felt a much more emotional connection to her than the rest of my family. The most poignant of the memories are when she would accompany me around the neighborhood (off leash) as I spent time with my friends. During this period of my youth her patience was paramount. As I entered the side door of my friend Andrew’s house BJ would lie outside and await my return from inside. On some days I would spend countless hours playing video games with Andrew. I feel horribly about this now, but after these gaming marathons I would sometimes exit through a separate door to head home, forgetting that BJ was waiting for me at the side entrance. Later that night, after the sun had set, Andrew’s mom would call our house to let us know BJ was still lying outside, waiting to walk me home. Immediately, I would rush over there in the dark and embrace her with all the love I could muster at that age. Each time I was instantly forgiven, and BJ guided me home through the dark orchards with no intentions of ever holding a grudge.


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