Pet Link Prototype
By Raymond Douglas and Dog(s)

Started on: 06/09/13 18:42:55
Medium: Conceptual

The Pet Link Prototype was created in response to a close dog friend, Panda. Pandaís single shortcoming is her incessant need for affection. I said in class several weeks ago, ďIf I had a thousand arms to pet her with, she would still be unsatisfied.Ē Whatís worse is that she hates when people leave her at home. And, when they return she goes crazy and jumps up on that person with more feelings of love than a dog should be capable of. Even if you remain in the house but out of sight, she is determined to show you that same love when she makes visual contact. I would say a third to half the time itís a lovely experience for the human involved, but other times it can be annoying when her needy claws dig into your flesh.

So, as a response to her neediness (and the neediness of other pets worldwide) I have created a device called Pet Link. Currently existing as a prototype, Pet Link is a nondescript wooden box with an antenna, status lights, a button, and a slot with a synthetic fur inside. Itís not immediately clear, but with this prototype and with all future iterations and full versions, the device will be calibrated and permanently linked to your personal pet at the time of purchase. With this particular prototype, version 0.02, a permanent link has been established between Panda and the box. When the button is pressed, the connection is made within roughly 10 seconds. After that, the second status lights illuminates to indicate the Panda is ready to be pet remotely. (Note: pets usually donít have the mental faculties to understand what is going on, but will 99 times out of 100 enjoy the experience and not be frightened.) Once the second, yellow, light turns on, you may commence petting the synthetic fur which, through a new, biotechnical membrane on both ends, will transmit the exact pressure and duration of the pet to Panda. After upwards of 30-45 seconds, Panda will hopefully feel satisfied, and this mental state will illuminate the third, green light on the Pet Link prototype. At this point you may cease petting and move on with your day.

Pet Link is currently and will always be battery powered. An on/off switch is also in the works for version 0.03. Other changes will be the inclusion fourth light that will indicate her neediness remotely. It will almost be as if your pet is ringing you to tell you it needs attention. Of course, like any current smartphone, you will be able to ignore the call for certain periods of time or set the call to vibrate instead of the illumination of an LED.

This page will updated as the versions of Pet Link are updated.

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