Danusia Young, student (art)
Pet: Dog
I was raised on a big farm in Poland .We always had all kind of animals that I played with. My favorite pets are dogs. I have 10 years old Labrador retriever Max. I want to learn more about our connection with animals trough out communication and collaboration. A good example of that is Joseph Beuys performance art piece with wild coyote. For three days in May of 1974, Joseph Beuys lived and communicated with a coyote in a small room in the newly-opened Rene Block Gallery at 409 West Broadway in New York.


04/12/10 20:07:00 Different Perspective of Life.
  04/19/10 23:46:29 - A new way to see.
  05/02/10 16:07:47 - Reading to Max
  05/26/10 20:15:46 - Unique and Beautiful
  06/05/10 14:34:55 - Max Daily Routine
  06/05/10 15:36:25 - Exploring

04/12/10 20:21:59 The Coy Dance.
  04/21/10 23:49:36 - Rainy Day.
  05/02/10 16:34:04 - The New Fish
  05/09/10 21:59:15 - Moment of tranquility.

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