The Coy Dance.
By Danusia Young and Coy Fish(s)

Started on: 04/12/10 20:21:59
Medium: Visual

Usually when I have break between classes or a moment for lunch I go to the open square between University Center and Storke Tower. I like to sit there because most of the time I can find a bench to sit and read my book. Some time I look at the fish pond and relax. It is something about looking at fish that relaxes and mesmerizes me. Maybe itís their colors or graceful movements? I do not know. I was sitting on one of my breaks looking at the coy fish that they have there and I realized that I do not know that much about them. In Poland my father had a big pond with carp. I used to play with my friends there. After watching the fish for some time I decided to do some research about this particular type of fish. To my surprised the word Coy Fish is derived from Koi, the Japanese name for carp. They were developed from common carp in ancient China in Jin Dynasty. They have originated from Eastern Asia, Aral Sea, Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. These are widely cultivated fish in China and Japan. There are both, the colorful varieties as well as the dull grey colored fish. In Japan this fish symbolizes love and friendship.
I did not know that my fatherís common carp are closely related to the beautiful Coy Fish. When I returned to the campus, I sat on the adge of the pond and tried to make a contact with the fish. I did not have to wait very long. First two gray once came very close to the adge and looked at me. They were waiting for me to feed them. To my surprised even after fifteen minutes, without me feeding them, they were still hanging out with me, swimming around and peeking out of the water. They move as elegantly as they were dancing around with each other. I think for my second project I will work with them and try to collaborate. It will be my first collaborating experience with any type of fish.

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Project Updates
04/21/10 23:49:36 - Rainy Day.

It was a very gloomy day but it did not spoil the mood of happy coy fish. At least they looked happy swimming around looking for food. Right before I sat with them, I saw someone feeding them. I placed myself on a opposite side of the pond and watched them swimming around looking for more. First, again the grays were the first next to me, but after a while the big orange one appeared next to them. It is very interesting because I never seen coy fish looking like that. The orange fish have abnormal shape. Though, the fish body is twisted as the letter S it still move quickly with out any problem. I think that the coy, that I named grandpa, was born deformed or he is very old. He was very close to me for a long time. From time to time he came up with open mouth looking at me. I had a strong feeling that he wanted to play and was very curious about the stranger that stares at him. I decided to touch him, but in the moment my hand was too close he turned and swam away. After that he was keeping save distance between us. I closed my eyes and tried to make connection inspired by Barbara workshop. First, I did not feel anything but after few tries I felt very light. I do not know if it was connection to the fish environment but the feeling was something out of the ordinary. This time they were very active, I think they like wet weather. I have to say that I did also enjoyed it too.

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05/02/10 16:34:04 - The New Fish

This time my friends from the pond did not want to hang out with me. I think they were tired and did not paid attention to me sitting on the edge of their home surroundings. The only once who were interested were the new miniatures fish that came and swam around me. I placed my hand underneath the water surface and tried to play with them. First, they all escaped and kept a save distance from my hand. After a while the first brave once started coming closer and closer. It took them few minutes to come very close and start to study the new object in the water. Some of them even touched my fingers a little and swam away again. It seemed when they find out that my fingers are not a food source they used it as an object that they could play with. Every time I moved my hand the whole group fallowed. I have to admit that it was very relaxing time for me just looking at them having fun. I was incredible how fast they adopted my hand into their environment.

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05/09/10 21:59:15 - Moment of tranquility.

My visit this week to collaborate with my fish friends was different then the few visits before. All of he fish looked lethargic and did not have the desire to play or come and investigate me closer. For the entire time I was seating there they kept a save distance from me. I think perhaps it was to hot and they were rather hide under the stones on the bottom of the pond. I have to say that I did enjoyed looking at them from the distance and appreciate that from time to time they try to check on me. After approximately twenty-five minutes I started drawing their graceful and elegant movements. I chose different colors for different type of fish. Every time the fish moved I tried to draw the same line movement with out paying much attention to my lines. I completely emerged myself in the beauty of their movement. I tried to focus on a few different fish in the same time but it was very difficult because some times they came in bigger groups. It was a lot of fun to relax, forget about everything that I had to do.
When I was going back to my car I saw the duck couple seating under the big tree next to the Art Museum building. They looked very comfortable seating there. I decided to join them if they will let me. I came very close to them and sat also with my back next to the tree that I work with during our tree exercises with Barbara. I was surprised that they were not to frightened and even allowed me to take very close pictures of them. It was very pleasant to sit with them under the tree looking at people that was passing by. I think, that all three of us enjoyed our moment of tranquility that we shared together.

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