Marissa Gravett, Veterinary Technician (Biology)
Pet: Cat  Dog
This is my very first art class and I am extremely interested in expressing my creativity while working with animals. I have a passion for working with animals which is why I work as a veterinary technician at La Concepcion Animal Hospital and volunteer at DAWG. I am excited to get inspired by the animals I am around every day!


04/16/13 23:14:39 Kermie the Crab

04/18/13 15:28:48 Beginning Project Ideas and Conflicts

04/24/13 00:58:39 Step by Step

04/29/13 00:59:21 Ladybug Memorial Service
  04/29/13 19:23:20 - Possible reasons for this phenomenon

05/02/13 15:25:18 Princess the Potbelly

05/08/13 23:25:58 Saving a Bird

05/09/13 02:01:47 Some Project Ideas
  06/06/13 20:58:22 - Plans for Final Project
  06/06/13 21:33:34 - Work Day: Failures and Successes
  06/07/13 22:40:41 - Final Project Exhibition "Presence in Stepping Sto
  06/07/13 23:58:22 - Pictures

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