Saving a Bird
By Marissa Gravett and Bird(s)

Started on: 05/08/13 23:25:58
Medium: Other

Deciding on whether to save a hurt wild animal or to let nature run its course is an issue that I constantly have to deal with. It makes me so sad to see animals suffering, yet I know that sometimes it is a part of nature. A few days ago, I was riding my bike home from school when I saw something fall from the sky. I looked behind me and saw that it was a small bird. I panicked and rode back to see if it was ok. The poor bird was open mouth breathing and his head was turned in an abnormal position. I knew he was in pain and needed immediate help. I decided that I needed to save this bird. If I left him there in the street and let nature take it's course, it may have gotten run over by a car or a bike. A bunch of frat boys standing outside of their house saw me trying to save the bird and they were laughing at me and saying rude comments like, "well good luck with that" in a sarcastic mannor. I knew I had to save this bird.

I used to volunteer at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network. I carefully placed the bird in a plastic container and drove him there because I knew he would be in good hands. It was very hard for me to leave the bird. Even in the short moments that I knew him, I felt like we bonded. It made me realize how much animals can depend on us. It also made me realize how much our bond with animals is centered around them depending on us.

A few days later I called SBWCN and they informed me that the bird had been given medicine and was released. Hearing this great news made me really happy. I saved that bird's life and it made me feel like a better person.

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