Katie Edwards, Student (UCSB)
Pet: Bird  Dog  Fish
When I found out UCSB was offering a class about making art with animals, I immediately knew I had to be a part of it. I've always identified myself as both an artist and a lover of nature, and the possibility of combining these parts of myself to create work is very exciting. As an artist I work primarily with digital media—photography, web design, video, basically anything involving the computer. Yet being glued to a screen all day can be exhausting, and getting outdoors is literally the breath of fresh air I crave to stay sane. I love to run and hike, and the scenery around campus is so beautiful that I often try to get outside as a way to procrastinate on projects.

Growing up I always had a lot of pets, and it's hard to be at school without some sort of furry companion. I'm slightly obsessed with dogs, and I have an embarrassing habit of squealing like a little girl every time I interact with one. Back home I have two dogs, Harley and JD, and even though their mischievous ways of stealing my laundry and trying to sit on my lap even though they're most definitely not the appropriate size can be irritating, they're both wonderfully sweet and loving. Sometimes when I'm video chatting with my family JD will hear my voice and jump up on the desk in confusion, wondering where the familiar sound is coming from. The relationship between Harley and JD is much like that of human siblings, full of playful tormenting yet fierce loyalty. Even though I only get the chance to be with them every few months, the way they greet me with such joy each time I go home is remarkable. They have a way of just knowing who I am and are immediately comfortable around me despite my frequent absence.

I believe animals are incredibly intelligent creatures and that humans can learn a lot from the way they interact not only with each other but with us as well. Hopefully this class will give me the opportunity to form a new connection with the animals in our community and will fill the void of not being able to actually own a pet while I'm at school. I am very eager to begin using my experience with art as a way to further my relationships with other species.


04/13/13 16:18:25 Coco & Kiwi
  05/06/13 09:59:12 - Exploring Sibling Relationships
  05/11/13 12:39:50 - Kiwi's Passing
  05/19/13 20:50:26 - Exhibition Ideas
  05/27/13 11:13:59 - A Scrapbook Memorial

04/21/13 12:04:11 The Long Distance Relationship

04/23/13 22:31:58 The Species Around Us: Class Lagoon Exercise

04/29/13 08:37:49 Kiwi See, Kiwi Do

05/04/13 23:07:42 The Life of a 21 Year Old: Billy the Pig

05/27/13 11:33:24 A Visit to the SB Zoo

06/03/13 23:09:24 Together & Apart: Final Exhibition

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