Together & Apart: Final Exhibition
By Katie Edwards and Dog(s)

Started on: 06/03/13 23:09:24
Medium: Other

For my final exhibition piece I chose to make a memorial in honor of Kiwi's recent passing. Using photographs and ribbon, I created an installation meant to commemorate both my time with Coco since her sister's death as well as their sisterly bond. "Together & Apart" is an artwork which celebrates the dogs' loving relationship regardless of Kiwi's physical absence.

The photographs I used were taken while Kiwi was still alive. I chose to split the left and right image in half in order to visually represent their separation. The center image is of Coco. I thought the expression in her eyes was beautiful, and I wanted to honor her current livelihood and spirit even though she is now on her own. Each of the photographs was printed in quarter segments, making the overall image a construction of multiple fragments. This was to further represent their relationship as a merging of beings.

Underneath the photographs I hung bracelets made of red and blue ribbon. Red and blue are very symbolic colors for Coco and Kiwi, as their colored collars were the main distinction people made to know which dog was which. The colors became their identifier rather than their individual personalities. I instructed the audience to take a blue bracelet if they had ever experienced the loss of a sibling as Coco had. The red and blue ribbons were to be taken by anyone who wished to honor Kiwi's passing. I feel as if people were reluctant to take the bracelets because there weren't very many, but I made one for each week I collaborated with Coco, which led to 10 total (one of which I wore). I wish I had made more, but I am glad those who took one truly wanted to participate.

Overall I think my piece was successful in honoring Coco and Kiwi, and it started conversation among the audience about the concept of loss and familial bonds. I wanted people to feel a parallel connection to these animals, and I think I evoked empathy in many viewers through my display of Coco and Kiwi's relationship.

The ribbon bracelet.

My bracelet.

The description placed under the photographs.

After people had taken some of the bracelets.

Close up of Coco.

My display at the beginning of the show.

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