Alison Meggs, student (ucsb)
Pet: Dog
I am interested in interspecies collaboration because I am both an art major and animal lover. I emphasize in drawing, and recently got into oil painting. Along with my passion for art, I have always had a love for animals. However, it was not until recently I realized I could combine my two passions in life to make a profession. Over the past summer, I was given the opportunity to work with Cesar Millan's company as an intern/assistant. I was able to work with his pack of dogs, which meant exercising and training the dogs. It was an experience that changed my outlook on dogs completely. Cesar's biggest message was that dogs live in the moment. They don't hold onto anything in the past, and that is why they can be so easily rehabilitated. When I fully grasped this concept, I tried to look at my own life and see if I too, lived in the moment. It was an eye opening experience, and made me realize how much we can learn from animals. That is why I am interested in interspecies collaboration, because when we fully accept our need to learn from animals, we become more aware of who we are as a human being, and our purpose in life.


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