Weekly Interspecies Collaboration
By Alison Meggs and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/14/14 15:18:20
Medium: Visual

Last week I went to the Harbor Animal Care and Control Center in San Pedro, CA to volunteer. I have been volunteering there since I was 16 years old. I got to the shelter around noon on Saturday, one of the busiest days of the week. As always, as soon as I get there I started to walk the dogs. It was extremely hot out and I could tell all the dogs were anxious and have not been walked yet. This would be a hard task, since I go to school in SB now and only go home about every three weeks, every time I go to the shelter the dogs are different. If I knew all their personalities it would be easier to know which dogs needed to be taken out the most, but instead I just have to use my best judgement. Working at the animal shelter has taught me how to read dogs much better, and learn their body language. I decided to walk Riley, a massive Dogo Argentino mix that looked like he needed a long walk. He seemed strong and didn't have good manners, but still seemed submissive. The walk was easier than I thought, and he seemed to be much happier after. After the walk, I spotted a small German Shepherd/Pitbull mix puppy, and decided to take it out for some puppy playtime. :) It was an adorable pup, and I started to wonder if I should take it home myself. I thought about how to dog had been a stray, and needed a home badly, but I also thought about the life that I would give the dog. I already have one dog, live in a small apartment in Isla Vista, and have four roommates. Would this be a good home for a dog who would potentially be 70 pounds? Just as I sadly decided to myself that I would not take the puppy home, I noticed a young couple walk by. They started peering in the play area where I was with the puppy. I told them to come in, and they were extremely excited. As soon as I walked in, I knew that this was good karma for me deciding not to take the puppy, because I knew the couple would want him. It didn't take long for them to fall in love, and low and behold they were the proud new owners of the little guy. I was ecstatic because they seemed like the perfect match. I left feeling great that day in the shelter, and after walking a couple more dogs, I think the dogs felt great too.

Riley, the Dogo Argentino Mix

The German Shepherd/Pitbull Puppy

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Comment by luis (05/19/14 09:16:33):

Comment by luis (05/15/14 14:21:31):
I really like what you are doing, Its people like you that make a difference for these god's lives.
That's pretty amazing!
Keep up the good work.