Britt Kilpatrick, Student (Art Studio)
With all the living things placed on this earth together, we are forced to collaborate in many ways to co-habitate in a fairly peaceful manner. The relationship between different species is an interesting subject because one is forced to look through the eyes of the animal they are wanting to communicate with. Personally, I am interested in the things that are universally enjoyed by all species. Being a massage therapist, I have found that humans and animals have the same reaction to touch; they become very relaxed and they always seem to come looking for me after that.


05/02/06 10:37:19 A Bird's Boundary
  05/02/06 10:38:14 - The Willets are Missing
  05/23/06 11:12:24 - Costume update
  06/05/06 09:37:26 - A Day at the Beach

05/30/06 17:09:18 Atuki Art
  06/05/06 18:19:14 - Why It can Work
  06/06/06 11:34:42 - The Artist and the Raccoon; A Similar Creature

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