Atuki Art
By Britt Kilpatrick and Raccoon(s)

Started on: 05/30/06 17:09:18
Medium: Sculptural

The raccoon who lives on Abrego Rd. has an affinity for egg shells. He/she carefully plucked the broken egg shells from the inside of my garbage bag that i left outside my door. There were lots of other yummy edibles inside the bag, but they chose these pristine casings as something special to be set apart. Tonight he shall receive a garbage bag with no egg shells in it and we shall see what object of desire he can get his little hands on.

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Project Updates
06/05/06 18:19:14 - Why It can Work

Biloxi-Sioux: atuki, they touch things. On the website I've listed below, they have a list of names for Raccoons from all different places and peoples. I thought this one the most appropriate because, like an artist, a raccoon loves to get its hands on things. When starting this project, I thought it would be no problem to collect scraps of whatever the raccoon left me. But, as Murphy's Law would have it, a raccoon only gets into your garbage when you don't want it to, and never when you want it to.

So, I would like to use the information I found about raccoons and the nature thereof to encourage others to interact and possibly collaborate with this species.

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06/06/06 11:34:42 - The Artist and the Raccoon; A Similar Creature

Names for Raccoons: Biloxi- Sioux- atuki, they touch things.
Raccoons and artists are alike in many ways. I believe this is why collaboration is possible with these animals. Besides being adorable, as most artists tend to be, they, too, are adventurous and quick witted. (not to mention, egotistical).
Here are some of the characteristics shared by artist and raccoon alike that will make interaction and collaboration possible with these animals...

They Like to Eat:
Raccoons will eat just about anything. But their preferences are peanuts, sweets, fruits, bread, peanut butter and dog and cat food.
Don't feed them by hand, because even though they are nice animals, if they accidentally mistake your finger for food you both have to get tested for rabies WHICH MEANS they will find the raccoon, shoot it and then test it for rabies.
Don't put food out in front of your house because the raccoon will come to recognize it as a source of food and could become invasive.

They like Shiny Things:
How to Catch a raccoon:
You make a hole in a log and put nails around the edges of the hole so they point inward in a diagonal direction. then you drop a quarter in there. the raccoon will reach in the hole but won't be able to pull his hand out while he is holding onto the quarter. He could easily drop the quarter and pull his hand back out but he won't do it.

How to Catch an Artist:
You make a hole in a log and put nails around the edges of the hole so they point inward in a diagonal direction. Then you drop a piece of junk that looks like it has great potential for abstract sculpture. The artist will reach into to the hole but won't be able to pull their hand out while they are holding onto this scrap of trash that will morph into a fantastic art piece that will make them world famous. They could easily drop the junk and pull their hand back out but they won't do it.

They Like to express their opinion:

Remo Raccoon's home page:
An excerpt from his photo journal.
Here's why the new year sucks:

1. I've been put on a diet
2. My old familiar, smelly mattresses were replaced by 2 new ones
3. The parents bought a 'plane.

I feel compelled to resort to neurotic behavior. I've been sleeping on top of my tree since January 1, molesting my own tail and relentlessly pacing in my room. Does anyone care? No. Does anyone even notice? No.

4. The world is indifferent to me.

They suffer from mental illness:

(Remo has since died and Whiffet, his protege, is maintaining his website for him.)

I'm in need of something and don't know what. I've been in a bad mood all weekend. I haven't wanted to associate with anyone. Whenever the parents open my door, I close it again. I've barely gotten out of bed, I've been so blue. I have gotten out of bed long enough to eat though. In fact, dinner wasn't prepared fast enough last night, so I employed the old toenail trick again. It's ever so much more effective than just pulling on the toes. My surrogate mother wears Birkenstocks around the house, so toes are always available. You hook you strongest fingernail right under the edge of the nail and yank back as hard as you can. When a hand comes down to disengage you, you threaten to sever a finger with your teeth. All the while, you keep the pressure on the toenail. Humans,standing on only 2 feet, can't possibly use the other one to push you aside. It's extremely gratifying. Try it, you'll see.

Even actors find the intricacies of a raccoon hard to mimic.

Being a raccoon is Bruce Willis's toughest gig yet:
Bruce Willis found it tough to supply gravelly cadences to his role as the roguish raccoon RJ in Over The Hedge.

Jamie Portman, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To conclude, some might say their are too many raccoons in the world. The same party might say there are too many artists in the world. I say both are quite necessary, not only for their keen eye for aesthetic beauty, but also for the reduction of waste in the environment. Without raccoons and artists, the landfills would be filled of potential art pieces and contemporary art, as we know it, would dwindle away.

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