Reflection: Speciesism and Animal Rights
Saving Luna
By Hector Medina (06/04/13 11:40:55)
Related animal: Orca

Watching this movie was very sad and heartbreaking yet it was a great way to educated people. I donít think I could be able to neglect an animal that was caving such attention. Yet I think I would be hesitant to simply put my hand out to an orca. I feel bad for it, all he wanted was a friend. After people ignored you, I wonder how he must of felt. Did he not realize he was a whale? That he was different and that humans were not a species to be friends with? Itís interesting how friendly he was, not afraid of humans. Kind of acted like a dog. I also have to wonder, he appeared after getting lost from his pod during its migration route. Then again he was use to humans; he could have easily died or killed in the wild. Well they had to swim close by sometime again, why didnít it reunite with them? I feel bad for the girls who had to monitor him and keep people away from him. I donít think I could do their job. How do you tell someone to not pet an animal desperate for attention? After a while my heart would hit, I would think I have a cold heart. The part in the movie when they are not even allowed to look at him, yet she cannot resist, was so sad. It must have been real tough love. The thing that stood out to me the most was the end bit. It got me thinking about the interest of the animal. I wished we could talk to him and know exactly why he was there or what he wanted. Did he have a purpose? Was he really the reincarnation of the old wise man from the tribe? For me it got too out of hand and too many people became involved. If it like people so much then why not send it to Sea World. It would of love showing off to people. I guess he was there to educate people. He was there to showcase the dos and doníts when interacting with an animal and to what extent. In the end Iím glad that it was just a movie and not up to us to figure out the future of this orca.

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