Reflection: Animal Play Behavior
Turtle Attack
By Sara Selmic (05/13/13 12:36:24)
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I went back yet again with just bread this time. The ducks were again trampling the turtles to get to the bread. I was starting to think these ducks are pretty mean. The mother was there with her ducklings again, but they were out and about no longer attached at their mother's side. Two of the ducks were sleeping near their mother who was also sleeping, but the other two were frolicking about in the water. I was watching them play as some turtles came up to the bank where I was and just observed me, when I took my camera out to take a photo they got scared and ran away. It was sort of silly. A little later I saw a large turtle trying to bite the ducklings. Then a woman told me that their used to be six ducklings, but the turtles got to them. That is so crazy to me. I thought the ducks were the mean ones and I had no idea turtles were into that. I thought they were strict vegetarians. So with the help of this woman we ushered the ducklings towards their mother so they wouldn't get chomped on any further by the turtles.
I also randomly saw a huge koi fish in the pond. I've never seen one that size, it was magnificent.

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