Reflection: Animal Communication
Lil' Hammies
By Sara Selmic (05/13/13 12:24:38)
Related animal: Pig

The pigs were a great animal to interact with, they definitely have their own eccentric personalities. Petuna was one crazy pig, but still enjoyable. It was great to have them follow us around and to experience a little bit of their lives. I had a good moment with one pig, I forgot his name, but it was the one that she said was afraid of touch. I noticed he had come around to the other side of his little dwelling and so I went over and he didn't seem scared. So I sat down and he came very close to me. I didn't want to touch him because of what we were told, but he didn't mind sitting so close to me and we did that for a while till someone walked by us and scared him off. He kept looking at me as he walked away though. I wonder what happened to this animal, but I'm glad we could share a connection since it seems like he didn't experience this very often. I definitely enjoyed visiting this place and being around animals I haven't met before. Also, Valentine is probably the biggest animal I have ever seen, that was an experience all in itself.

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