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By Marissa Gravett (04/18/13 01:06:44)
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Math and science people are said to show strength in their right side of the brain. Although I have always been a right-minded person, I envy those who can express themselves creatively with their well-developed left side of the brain. I feel very fortunate to have a best friend who balances my right side with her artistic left side. My best friend and roommate, Natalie Earhart, is an art major at UCSB. Throughout our years together at UCSB, I have enjoyed discussing her art projects with her and helping her develop her ideas.

When it came to choosing my class schedule for my last quarter as a UCSB undergrad, I had to pick a random class to fill my schedule to make myself a full time student. Natalie had mentioned that there was space in this Interspecies Collaboration class, and I knew this was the exact class that I should take to exercise the left side of my brain after neglecting it for four years due to my heavy science classes. I didnít want to graduate without giving myself the chance to see what I could create after watching Natalie create so many inspiring art pieces throughout the years.

I have always been an animal lover. In fact, I think it is safe to say that I sometimes enjoy being around animals more than people because I feel like animals understand me more. Animals are such interesting creatures that we can learn so much from. Since I identify myself as such an animal lover, I felt like this class would be the perfect opportunity for me to express the impact that animals have on my life in an artistic way. I have always been naturally drawn to domestic animals such as dogs and cats because that is what I grew up around. I studied abroad in Costa Rica this past fall and ever since then, my interest in exotic and wild animals has grown. The more I learn about them and the more time I spend with them, the more fascinated I become. I hope that this class will help me to turn my everyday interactions with the animals that I love into art that expresses my special connection with animals.

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